Drone Services

Capture everything

Our licensed and certified drone pilots can provide drone flights for a multitude of services. From drone filming and photography for events to aerial photogrammetry, our skilled pilots will provide the desired results.


4K Photo & Video

The AUTEL EVO II offers 4K photograph and video quality with automatic stabilization and can be programmed with a specific flight path or flown fully manually for greater control. A live feed is streamed directly to our pilot on the ground so that you or our professional videographer can direct the pilot to capture the best shots!


Building Surveying

Capable of flying up to 5.5 miles, our drone can also be used for construction site and building surveys.

Combined with our photogrammetry service, we can virtually turn any structure and site into a geo-referenced 3D model. The model can be further referenced with LIDAR survey points to create an accurate model ready for architects and civil-engineers to use.